The Oil and Gas Consulting Company

Training Services

Martindale has decades of experience in providing company-specific, in-house training programs lasting from a few hours to multiple days, tailored to your areas of concern, operations, and governing joint operating agreements and COPAS accounting procedures on a wide range of oil and gas accounting topics, including the proper calculation and application of overhead, determining and understanding the difference between costs that are directly chargeable versus those covered by overhead, principles and implementation of equitable allocations, oil and gas operations, and proper charges for company payroll (including salaries, burdens, and benefits).  On the revenue side, we can train your employees how to properly allocate production volumes, calculate revenues owed your working interest and royalty owners, know what deductions are allowed, and know how to properly calculate severance taxes.

We can also review your specific agreements and leases to identify provisions that are different from model form language so you can be sure to stay in compliance with those agreements and leases.